The Vice directorate for development, supervising  and guidance

presentation: According to Article 06 of the Joint Ministerial Resolution dated 08 Rajab 1425 corresponding to August 24, 2004, which defines the administrative organization of the university and college directorate
the vice directorate for development; supervising and guidance is responsible of:
– Collect the necessary elements to prepare university development plans and plans.
– Carrying out study on the expectations of the student count and proposing every measure to ensure their supervision , especially in the field of pedagogical and administrative supervision.
– Maintaining the university’s statistical card and ensuring that it is updated periodically.
– Preparing media pillars in the field of the educational path included in the university and its professional outlets.
– provide information to the students .
– Follow up the construction programs and ensure the implementation of the university’s preparation programs in connection with the concerned departments.
it includes the following departments :
Statistics and Supervision Department.
information and guidance departement.
Follow-up of construction programs and university equipment Department

The vice director of development , supervising and guidance

Boussaid Mohammed

Rank: Senior Lecturer class “A”


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