Vice Directorate of Higher Education, Continuing Education and Diplomas and Higher Graduation Training

In implementation of Executive Decree No. 01-269 of September 18, 2001, which includes the establishment of Adrar University, as amended and supplemented by Executive Decree No. 12-302 of August 4, 2012?
And Executive Decree No. 03-279 of August 23, 2003, defining the university’s functions and rules for its organization and functioning, as amended and supplemented;
And the joint ministerial decision dated August 24, 2004, specifies the administrative organization of the university and college directorate and the institute, and the university annex and its common interests,
The Vice-directorate of Higher Education, Continuing Education and Diplomas and Higher Graduation Training, is responsible for the following:
  • Follow-up issues related to the progress of education and training organized by the university,
  • Ensure that training offers submitted by colleges and institutes are in harmony with the university development plan,
  • Ensure respect for the regulation in force in the field of registration, re-registration, knowledge monitoring and student transportation,
  • Follow-up of the training activities remotely included in the university and the development of continuous training activities,
  • Ensuring respect for the regulations and procedures in effect in the delivery of certificates and equivalents,
  • Ensure that the nominal list is maintained and updated for students.
Vice-directorate consists of the following departments:
  • Education, Training and Evaluation department.
  • Continuous Training Department.
  • Certificates department

Djilali Kaloune

Rank: Senior Lecturer class A



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