Presenting the University

The university of Adrar was established in the year 1986 by virtue of Decree No. 118/86 of 05/06/1986 as amended and complemented by Decree No. 175/86 of 08/08/86 which includes the establishment of the Higher National Institute of Sharia in Adrar to expand to the University of Adrar according to the Executive Decree No. 01-269 of 30 Jumada al-Thani in 1422 corresponding to September 18, 2001, amended by Executive Decree No. 04-259 of Rajab 13 of 1425 corresponding to August 29, 2004.

University’s Goals:

1- Encouraging scientific creativity and valuing its results
2- Ensuring the quality of higher education.
3- Creating cooperation and scientific exchange relations with the various universities and scientific research bodies nationally, regionally and internationally.
4- Devote partnership with the economic and social sectors;
5- Activating scientific research in a manner that responds to the requirements of local and national development.
6- Meet the training needs according to the requirements of the labor market and development locally and nationally.
7- Applying the principles of total quality management in running the university in a way that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative work (increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of performing administrative work at the university).
8- Closely following developments in science and technology.
9- Encouraging scientific production.