The Secretary General : Bekraoui Abdelhak
The general secretariat is responsible of:
  • Maintaining the professional course of all individuals inside of the university, with regards to the faculties
  • Preparing and maintaining the execution of the financial project
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the university’s common sub-directories
  • Establishing and promoting cultural and sports activities for the university
  • Ensuring the follow-up and coordination of the university’s internal security plans in coordination with the Ministerial Office of Internal Security
  • Ensure the management and archiving of documents and documentation for the university directorate
  • Organizing and running the university office
The General Secretariat to which the Office of General Organization and the Office of Internal Security are attached includes the following sub-directorates:
  • Sub-Directorate for Users and Training
  • Sub-Directorate for Finance and Accounting
  • Sub-Directorate for Equipment and Maintenance
  • Sub-Directorate for Scientific, Cultural and Sports Activities